Te Whare Ra in the Wall Street Journal

Will Lyons On Wine: Stoked About New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

“New Zealand has a reputation for zingy, hugely aromatic Sauvignon, but it now produces a range of styles. If you thought New Zealand only made one style of Sauvignon Blanc, think again.

Yes, the country has a reputation for zingy, hugely aromatic Sauvignon, but shine a spotlight on the country and you find it has moved on, now producing a range of styles. These are perhaps most easily categorized into four flavor profiles: wines that show an obvious dry, mineral character; those with herbaceous notes such as fennel, sweet pea and herbs; those that display more citrus and tropical fruit, with notes such as lemon and grapefruit; and those, that have had oak used in the winemaking process, leading to a more rounded, softer, fuller flavor.

twrbottleTe Whare Ra 2013 Sauvignon Blanc
An absolute stand out, Te Whare Ra’s wine has a real depth of flavor on the nose, with tropical and citrus notes. Once sipped it has a core of minerality rounded off by a vibrant, juicy acidity.
Quite simply one of New Zealand’s top Sauvignon Blancs.”